Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new journal - using Lutrador

Today I worked some more with Lutrador which has some wonderful qualities. The upper photo shows the underlying fabric base which peeps through the Lutrador in the most wonderful way. The lower photo shows painted and stamped Lutrador applied to the base of a journal cover.


Kate said...

Great work Betty! I've never heard of Lutrador until now. What is it... some kind of tissue paper or gauze?
I like the way you used the bright fabric on the bottom, giving it an organic look; almost like cells or nerves. Nice job :-)

Carole said...

Betty, it has been awhile since I visited your blog... I like what you have done with Lutradur. Don't you just LOVE it?? I used it in the Day Lily.. re: the SAQA auction.
I need to do more with it... keep up your good work, and please post when you do more.