Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 23,2011

Yesterday was the first day of fall 2011. It was also another milestone in my life. It marked the one month anniversary of the first of two total knee replacements. The last month has been very interesting - don't worry I won't bore you with the details. It is sufficient to say it has been humbling, the knees have been all consuming, and the the progress has been very good.

I find it very interesting to see how things in my artist's life have moved forward without my full attention and management. My art quilt that was on exhibit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia has returned home. My art quilt to commemorate the 9/11 Anniversary has been on display with others in Chicago. Four art  quilts were shipped out for an exhibit for "The Journal of Ordinary Thought" which began last week. Our 'The Unspoken Truth About Color: A Dialogue in Art Quilts About Racism" exhibit was in Pennsylvania last week.  I look forward to getting back in to my studio with a clear mind and some awesome inspiration.

In the last month, I have experienced an earthquake and a hurricane/tropical storm. I have been inspired by the people of Vermont and their reaction to the devastating flooding. A beloved aunt has passed away. Children are back in school, politicians continue to raise my blood pressure, death and destruction continues in many parts of the world,  debris from space will be falling somewhere in the world today, and, oh yes, once more we must endure the changes to our Facebook pages.

I have observed that as quickly as an event can cause our hearts to break, another event causes our hearts to burst with joy. Ah, the circle of life in which we are all bound to one another.