Friday, March 29, 2013

12" x 12" Challenge Reveal - "Chaos"

Monday night my art quilt group, Women Against the Grain, met. It was the reveal of the latest 12 x 12 challenge, response to the word "Chaos". The responses were colorful, for the most part abstract, always lively, interesting works of art portraying "Chaos". From illustrations of the disorder of an artist’s studio, the confusion that can be created with line, the movement of matter to and over that cosmic line where order is created, to 3D illustration of the chaotic thoughts and concerns that feel as if they are popping out of our head, to the personal story of the transformation of chaos to order. They were all wonderful.
This image is my contribution. Not as detailed as some, but it was done on time and allowed me to continue playing with my current focus, the effect of lines on a background. It was great fun to dye the fabric and stitch the lines. 
What image comes to your mind when you hear the word "Chaos"?


patricia said...

You are getting sooooo very, very good! I love the movement in this piece, and the coloring. Just all comes together.

Betty Warner said...

Thank you very much for those kind words, Patricia.