Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts

These two quilts, "Together We Can Bridge the Divide" and "More Than Ever, A Beacon of Hope" are currently on exhibit at the Cafritz Gallery at Montgomery College.

If you are in the Silver Spring, MD, area over the next couple of week, be sure to take a look at this exhibit:

President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts
Location: Cafritz Art Center, 150 King St., Silver Spring, MD
Dates: February 9 - March 5, 2009
Here is the story of this exhibit:

Susan Walen was bringing her Obama quilt home from the Bethesda headquarters of the campaign, wondering how many other “quilts of joy” about the election were being made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could all be shown together, in D.C.? She sent out a call for quilts on major web sites (SAQA and ArtQuilt) and within 30 hours, over 40 quiltmakers responded. Now, we present a show from more than 60 of us: a grass-roots, multi-ethnic, all-volunteer group of women from all around the US and as far away as Australia. This is a quilt show of amazing diversity -- among the quilters and their art. Our extraordinary diversity mirrors the diversity and international support that Obama’s election has generated.

The works in this show are art quilts, distant descendants of the folk art tradition. Visitors will discover how contemporary fiber artists have translated and transformed this tradition to create a dynamic collection of fiber art work, all of a common theme: celebrating this historic election. Artists in this show use a wide range of techniques including painting on fabric, fabric dyeing, photography, beadwork, appliqué, stitching, embroidery, and digital transfer. Most of the artists work individuals, but one quilt is made by a small group (the Pixiladies), and another by a 10-person group (Fiber Artists for Obama). Most of the quilts will have their first showing here, but some have already been shown at a major quilt show in Houston.

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